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Marlin Energy Resources LLC Mineral Rights

Owner Information

Marlin Energy Resources LLC

Address :
Lafayette, LA 70503

Total Appraisal Value:

Total Interests on File: 3

Counties with Interests: 3

Other Owners With a Similar Name
Heat Map of Interests Held By Marlin Energy Resources LLC

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Interests Held By Marlin Energy Resources LLC
Property County Operator Interest Type Value
A. YATES UNIT 30026046-000 Grimes County, TX CRIMSON EXPLOR 0.012107 O $11,371 View Details
TEX BAR RANCH, LTD. 30026365 Grimes County, TX VESS OIL CORPO View Details
TOMMIE CARROLL 2H 30027124-0 Grimes County, TX CRIMSON EXPLOR View Details

Mutual Interest Owners of Properties held by Marlin Energy Resources LLC
Owner Name Owner City Mutual Interests Total Interests
Amberwood Inc Montgomery, TX 1 2
BFW Company Dallas, TX 1 154
Black Stone Minerals Houston, TX 1 9887
Carroll Dorothy Lee Est Santa Fe, TX 2 2
Charles N Tre Schwarz Houston, TX 2 2
Concho Royalty Company LP Dallas, TX 1 766
Crimson Exploration Oper Inc Houston, TX 2 145
Danny R Mallett Iola, TX 2 11
Double H Investments LP Huntsville, TX 1 20
Eng Holdings LLC Houston, TX 1 26
George Larry Mallett Iola, TX 2 8
Glen E & Reeda J Robinson Iola, TX 2 2
Mary Thomas Kitchel Huffman, TX 2 2
Olen Lynn Thomas Bryan, TX 2 2
Pamela G Vernon Iola, TX 2 2
Sollock Family Trust Iola, TX 2 2
Southwest Petroleum Company Dallas, TX 1 12202
Tex Bar Ranch LTD Bedias, TX 1 7
Texican Energy Corporation Houston, TX 2 15
Vinson Royalties LP Tyler, TX 3 132