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    We strive to provide a comprehensive database of mineral holders across the state of Texas.
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What We're About

We exist to help our clients make informed decisions based on appraisal values and mineral rights.

We have a simple mission: to build a comprehensive collection of mineral royalty owners and their assets across the nation.

Our ambitions are high and we want to be extensive, but understand our core focus is providing the best product we possibly can. We are striving to become the largest provider of mineral royalty information and our vision serves as the framework for our roadmap. Our goal is to provide our clients with business value through a commitment to quality, productivity, and profitability.

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Our Mineral Rights Coverage

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Data in 216 Counties

We have data for 216 counties in Texas. This covers 99% of the producing counties in the state, which accounts for 99% of the producing leases in the state and 99% of the total production in Texas.

Over 186,000 Total Appraised Properties

MineralHolders offers details on over 186 thousand properties in Texas, details including owner name, owner address, interest, interest type, appraisal value, legal description, property name, operator name, monthly production, and monthly revenue estimates.

Roughly $106 Billion in Total Appraised Assets

There are roughly $106B in total assets across the state, with an average interest value of $15.9K. The average royalty interest in our database is $5.4K, and $380K for the average working interest appraisal value.

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* Coverage is based on 2021 appraisal data

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