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San Diego County, CA Mineral Owners

Owners in San Diego County, CA
Owner Name Owner City Interests
1200 East Seminary Inc San Diego, CA 2
5TH Church Of Christ Scientist San Diego, CA 1
7071/CC LLC Rancho Santa Fe, CA 9
A-West Properties LLC Jamul, CA 1
Aaron D & Noreine D Golde Carlsbad, CA 6
Aaron Holland San Diego, CA 13
Aaron Timothy & Julie A Nelson Escondido, CA 4
Abel & Maria Rendon Oceanside, CA 6
Accord Du Lac Partnership LLLP Rancho Santa Fe, CA 1
Ada Cecile Mathews El Cajon, CA 4
Adelaide Pierce Carter Valley Center, CA 16
Aden Crest Apartments LP Rancho Santa Fe, CA 8
Alan Graves San Diego, CA 5
Alanna Saladino Caldeira Oceanside, CA 4
Alexander Cohn San Diego, CA 6
Alexander James Grantor TR Vista, CA 14
Alexandra Agraphiotis Solana Beach, CA 106
Alexandra Noel Christie Del Mar, CA 4
Alice Rhea Whitted San Diego, CA 9
Alicia Gibson San Diego, CA 5
Allan Tuthill San Diego, CA 16
Alma Thompson San Diego, CA 4
Aloha Storage LLC Coronado, CA 2
Alonzo & Shirley Horn San Diego, CA 4
Alvah Watson Deweese III Carlsbad, CA 27
Alvin Jack Sontag Chula Vista, CA 14
Amanda Epple Olgeirsson San Marcos, CA 6
Amanda McKechnie El Cajon, CA 5
Amanoh Hall Santee, CA 12
Amazing Ace Holdings Del Mar, CA 77
Amelia Rapier Butler Santee, CA 19
Amelie Hineman Moffett Valley Center, CA 40
American Assurance 2000 LP Rancho Santa Fe, CA 278
Amie W Zamudio San Diego, CA 13
Amy Jo Gary San Diego, CA 4
Amy M Adams Oceanside, CA 10
Amy Mullins Santee, CA 32
Andrea Howsley Parker San Diego, CA 5
Andrew DR Spackman San Diego, CA 24
Andrew Saint Tandy Chula Vista, CA 6
Angela Foster #5599 Meadows Solana Beach, CA 32
Anita H Speier San Diego, CA 34
Ann V Farwell Escondido, CA 5
Ann W McCaslin Escondido, CA 8
Anna D Nagy Chula Vista, CA 6
Anna K Mason Bennett San Diego, CA 26
Anne Doone Lewis Vista, CA 6
Anne Heyne Poway, CA 5
Anne Porter Hall Escondido, CA 11
Annie B Campbell San Diego, CA 32