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Arapahoe County, CO Mineral Owners

Owners in Arapahoe County, CO
Owner Name Owner City Interests
1836 Mineral Company LLC Centennial, CO 133
5475 Partners LLC Greenwood Village, CO 8
A E H Royalty Co Centennial, CO 16
A L E Resources LLC Greenwood Village, CO 2
Aa Minerals LLC Englewood, CO 7
Acoma Energy LLC Denver, CO 59
Advent Trading Company Littleton, CO 7
Ags Oil & Gas Holdings #2 Inc Englewood, CO 4
Ags Oil & Gas Holdings Inc Englewood, CO 36
Ags Resources 2004 LLLP Englewood, CO 3
Ags Resources 2007 LLP Englewood, CO 1
Aimee B Freyer Valls Englewood, CO 5
Aimee Freyer Valls Englewood, CO 22
Al Fole Royalty Holdings LLC Englewood, CO 3
Alan Dale McClinton Littleton, CO 5
Alfreda D Kemper Aurora, CO 4
Alice Ann Smith Centennial, CO 8
Alice Frances Stephens Greenwood Village, CO 4
Alisia Louise Silliman Aurora, CO 19
Alison L Scarlett Greenwood Village, CO 12
Allyson Yarbrough Littleton, CO 12
Altitude Minerals LLC Littleton, CO 1
Alton Duane Gill Centennial, CO 7
Alva Partnership LLLP Centennial, CO 2
Alvin Ray Trimble Aurora, CO 23
Alvin Taylor Littleton, CO 6
Alyssa Angel Rene Campbell Aurora, CO 9
American Lung Assoc Of The SW Greenwood Village, CO 1
Amfryva LLC Englewood, CO 5
Amfryva Minerals LP Greenwood Village, CO 2
Amgas Company Denver, CO 48
Amonic LLC Englewood, CO 3
Amonte LLC Englewood, CO 196
Amy Cunningham Fehr Greenwood Village, CO 11
Andrew Michael Bentley Aurora, CO 4
Anita Morrow Voss Aurora, CO 5
Anita S Niebrugge Greenwood Village, CO 13
Ann Gonglach Aurora, CO 6
Anne Clare Martens Eady Littleton, CO 4
Anne Espenan Centennial, CO 63
Anne Marie Reichler Aurora, CO 5
Anne Marie Wedum Reichler Aurora, CO 161
Anne Richie Centennial, CO 14
Ataraxia Ltd Littleton, CO 7
Aunt Mary LLC Greenwood Village, CO 1
Aurand Company The Aurora, CO 10
Austin Davis Self Aurora, CO 14
Barbara Camp Centennial, CO 14
Barbara Mae Banks Aurora, CO 15
Barbara Webb Greenwood Village, CO 5
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