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Colfax County, NM Mineral Owners

Owners in Colfax County, NM
Owner Name Owner City Interests
Amy Hargrove Sime Angel Fire, NM 12
Betty Dellinger Springer, NM 4
Carolyn Kay Arnett Springer, NM 4
Christmas Mineral Int LLC Raton, NM 2
Clement Charles McClure III Gladstone, NM 30
Colie L Donaldson Angel Fire, NM 10
Connie Deahl Smith Raton, NM 25
Cynthia A Young Collier Angel Fire, NM 5
David W Patton Angel Fire, NM 18
Dawn Ann Lark Raton, NM 14
Don E & Katy Doris Sparkman Raton, NM 5
Donald D Drury Angel Fire, NM 152
Ellen Young Swain Cimarron, NM 13
Flowers R A & Myr TR 4 Cimarron, NM 138
Flowers R A & Myrtle TR 3 Cimarron, NM 16
Flowers R A & Myrtle TR 4 Cimarron, NM 16
Graceanna Holder Eagle Nest, NM 24
H Beck Atkinson Angel Fire, NM 59
James C Trott Angel Fire, NM 16
Jean Holcomb Miami, NM 11
Lester Travis Estate Raton, NM 6
Mark E Logan Angel Fire, NM 6
Martha Lois Drury Angel Fire, NM 47
Pamela J Kirk Angel Fire, NM 12
Ralph Robertson III Eagle Nest, NM 4
Robert Don Welch Raton, NM 4
Terry Davis Raton, NM 5
Thomas & Jerry K Weeks Angel Fire, NM 8
Vernon Bennett Raton, NM 4
Wanda Edens Ute Park, NM 4
William L "Bill" Hatcher Springer, NM 13