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  • Armstrong County, TX

Armstrong County, TX Mineral Owners

Owners in Armstrong County, TX
Owner Name Owner City Interests
Ann Young Clarendon, TX 16
Anne Canon Conrad Claude, TX 30
Annis Windom Stavenhagen Clarendon, TX 7
Betts Library Gaby Clarendon, TX 25
Betty Ann Sansing Clarendon, TX 6
Betty Irene Watson Claude, TX 4
Bulldog Walker LP Clarendon, TX 33
C M Hudson Claude, TX 5
Campbell Family Trust Claude, TX 14
Cathy Ann Marable Clarendon, TX 68
Cecil Chan Bilbrey Clarendon, TX 49
Chester Butler Claude, TX 7
Chris O Knox Clarendon, TX 50
Church Of Christ-Girard Clarendon, TX 1
Clarendon KLM Inc Clarendon, TX 1
CMF Corporation Claude, TX 22
Cornalus Nace Baggerman Claude, TX 4
Della Longhofer Hundley Claude, TX 5
Don Phillip Beck Claude, TX 7
Donald Edward Woods Clarendon, TX 13
Eddie Dean Langwell Claude, TX 4
Ethel Pearline James Clarendon, TX 4
Fields Mineral Trust Claude, TX 64
Gary L Bilbrey Claude, TX 50
George Van Sickle Holton Clarendon, TX 6
Glena J McCreary Moore Claude, TX 7
Gunter Lanell Wind Energy LLC Claude, TX 5
Harkey Helen Joyce Church Claude, TX 3
Hudson & Heck Inc Claude, TX 9
Irene Elizabeth Baggerman Claude, TX 4
Jack Douglas Fields Claude, TX 8
James R Burrell Claude, TX 17
Jerry Kelley Claude, TX 15
Joe Don Bilbrey Clarendon, TX 50
Johnny Cooper Clarendon, TX 6
Kathy Louise Michael Clarendon, TX 7
Kenneth Campbell Clarendon, TX 6
Kevin Hudson Clarendon, TX 14
King-Thomas Trust Jean Thomas Claude, TX 5
KLM Oil Properties Clarendon, TX 2
Knorpp Wesley Estate Clarendon, TX 4
Knorpp Wesley John Estate Clarendon, TX 5
Landon Lambert Clarendon, TX 9
Lynda Lovett Claude, TX 16
Mary Johnson Clarendon, TX 15
Mary Lois Finley Claude, TX 5
Pat P Finley Claude, TX 5
Paula Jo Johnson Clarendon, TX 4
Raymond G Conrad Claude, TX 4
Reed Edwin A Estate Claude, TX 14