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William Brent Tregellas Mineral Rights

Owner Information

William Brent Tregellas

Address :
  Booker, TX 79005

Total Appraisal Value:

Total Interests on File: 8

Counties with Interests: 2

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Heat Map of Interests Held By William Brent Tregellas

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Interests Held By William Brent Tregellas
Property County Operator Interest Type Value
ARNOLD 'A' Carson County, TX SCOUT ENERGY MGMT 0.062500 RI $1,850 View Details
DUKE 412 Lipscomb County, TX APACHE CORPORATION View Details
DUKE 412 1H Lipscomb County, TX APACHE CORPORATION View Details
DUKE SWD #3R Lipscomb County, TX INTEGRITY H2O LLC View Details
GUY ZELMA Lipscomb County, TX OVERFLOW ENERGY LLC View Details
TREGELLAS 675 Lipscomb County, TX EOG RESOURCES INC View Details
TREGELLAS 675 1H Lipscomb County, TX MEWBOURNE OIL CO View Details
TREGELLAS W T 'A' Lipscomb County, TX WESTAR OIL & GAS INC View Details

Mutual Interest Owners of Properties held by William Brent Tregellas
Owner Name Owner City Mutual Interests Total Interests
Apache Corporation Houston, TX 2 3816
Blake Tregellas Perryton, TX 2 5
Donnita F Tregellas Booker, TX 1 1
EOG Resources Inc Houston, TX 1 3433
Integrity H2o LLC Balko, OK 1 1
Kimbell Royalty Holdings LLC Fort Worth, TX 1 4491
Mewbourne Oil Company Tyler, TX 1 1068
Orri Pool 2 Eic Tyler, TX 1 149
Overflow Energy LLC Booker, TX 1 44
Ronald Ralph Tregellas Booker, TX 4 10
Scout Energy Management LLC Farmers Branch, TX 1 4281
Tex-Ok Calf Feeders Inc Core, WV 3 4
Tregellas Family Investment LC Booker, TX 1 1
Tregellas Family Investment Partnership Perryton, TX 7 21
Weststar Oil & Gas Inc Edmond, OK 1 309