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7S Family Partnership Lpco Set Mineral Rights

Owner Information

7S Family Partnership Lpco Set

Address :
1730 TX-149
Carthage, TX 75633

Total Appraisal Value:

Total Interests on File: 1

Counties with Interests: 1

Heat Map of Interests Held By 7S Family Partnership Lpco Set

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Interests Held By 7S Family Partnership Lpco Set
Property County Operator Interest Type Value
CAR GAS UNIT 01-03-13 #71HH Panola County, TX CCI EAST TX UPSTREAM 0.000416 RI $1,160 View Details

Mutual Interest Owners of Properties held by 7S Family Partnership Lpco Set
Owner Name Owner City Mutual Interests Total Interests
Allison S L Investments LTD Carthage, TX 1 44
BHCH Mineral LTD San Antonio, TX 1 3314
Bitter End Royalties LP Dallas, TX 1 855
Black Stone Minerals Houston, TX 1 9649
Choctaw Energy LTD San Antonio, TX 1 2973
Desert Partners V LP Midland, TX 1 6869
Dorchester Minerals LP Dallas, TX 1 3981
Greenwing Investments LLC San Rafael, CA 1 21
Hfa Mineral Interests LP Shreveport, LA 1 891
HKM Production LLC Baton Rouge, LA 1 292
Hopkins T M Inc Kilgore, TX 1 155
Map2006okmap Royalty Inc Oklahoma City, OK 1 24
Me The Too Trust Victoria, TX 1 15
Muras Energy Inc Edmond, OK 1 690
Norcad Corporation Shreveport, LA 1 393
Petroleum Investments Inc Shreveport, LA 1 315
PHW Minerals LLC Omaha, NE 1 96
Robro Royalty Partners LTD Dallas, TX 1 1636
Springdale Energy Partners LLC Austin, TX 1 234
Stewart Sammie Kay Mineral TR Sugar Land, TX 1 67