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Pheasant Resources LLC Mineral Rights

Owner Information

Pheasant Resources LLC

Address :
PO BOX 471458
Fort Worth, TX 76147

Total Appraisal Value:

Total Interests on File: 4

Counties with Interests: 2

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Heat Map of Interests Held By Pheasant Resources LLC

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Interests Held By Pheasant Resources LLC
Property County Operator Interest Type Value
CEREZA Martin County, TX ENDEAVOR ENERGY 0.018480 RI $15,810 View Details
ECHOLS "7" Dawson County, TX EOG RESOURCES View Details
ECHOLS "7" Martin County, TX THOMPSON J CLEO View Details
STEPHENS "8" Dawson County, TX EOG RESOURCES View Details

Mutual Interest Owners of Properties held by Pheasant Resources LLC
Owner Name Owner City Mutual Interests Total Interests
Anadarko E&P Onshore LLC Houston, TX 1 1989
Anadarko Petroleum Corp Houston, TX 1 132
Arden Elizabeth Jones Weatherford, TX 2 38
County Permanent School Borden Gail, TX 2 5
Cynthia Ann Mitsch Bearden Fort Worth, TX 2 24
Debra Johnson Head Midland, TX 2 234
Dellconn Oil Corp Rowlett, TX 1 174
Demar Johnson Hopson Midland, TX 2 224
Diamondback E&P LLC Oklahoma City, OK 1 1450
Donnell Echols Lamesa, TX 2 22
Endeavor Energy Resources LP Midland, TX 1 3233
Enerlex Inc Broken Arrow, OK 1 2506
EOG Resources Inc Houston, TX 3 3991
F Kirk IV Johnson Midland, TX 2 259
Goldsmith Love LLC Cincinnati, OH 1 1
Koehn Earl & Sharon Family LP Houston, TX 1 1
Linda Keenum San Angelo, TX 1 1
Mitsch William Ehrhart Fort Worth, TX 2 39
Occidental Permian LTD Houston, TX 1 3897
Sabine Royalty Trust Dallas, TX 1 4316