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Real County, TX Mineral Owners

Owners in Real County, TX
Owner Name Owner City Interests
6 W Oil & Gas LTD Camp Wood, TX 9
Alexander D Auld III Rio Frio, TX 8
Andrew Milton Potter Camp Wood, TX 10
Annette Chaffin Hutto Camp Wood, TX 4
Auld Enterprise I LTD Leakey, TX 58
Bobby D Smith Rio Frio, TX 13
Bobby Ray Thomas Leakey, TX 4
Cecilia Garza Preece Leakey, TX 8
Clyde W Young Leakey, TX 5
Dan Auld III Rio Frio, TX 9
Diema Louise Carpenter Leakey, TX 16
Dovene W Ward Camp Wood, TX 4
Edward Kennedy Auld Leakey, TX 24
Enterprise Auld II Leakey, TX 15
Frio Baptist Encampment Alto Leakey, TX 13
Gela West Leakey, TX 11
Harold T Slater Mountain Home, TX 8
Horace Edward Mauldin Camp Wood, TX 4
Houston P Williams Jr Camp Wood, TX 54
HW Lewis Ranch Properties Leakey, TX 4
Jackie White Middleton Rio Frio, TX 4
James H Bennett Leakey, TX 9
Jan Powell Wilkinson Leakey, TX 37
Jerry Lee Knight Rio Frio, TX 8
Jimmie I Minor Rogers Leakey, TX 6
John David Auld Leakey, TX 23
Joseph B Young Leakey, TX 5
Kathryn Elizabeth Dillard Leakey, TX 6
Kenneth Lee McGarrahan Rio Frio, TX 7
Kenneth Michael Koonce Leakey, TX 6
Lange Arnold O Farms Inc Leakey, TX 3
Lorraine F Hedges Camp Wood, TX 4
Nell Williams Camp Wood, TX 41
Patricia Carolynne Nix Camp Wood, TX 4
Phil Williams Camp Wood, TX 20
Raymond Douglas Potter SR Camp Wood, TX 10
Robert S Barnard Leakey, TX 4
Susan Nance Knight Rio Frio, TX 4
West Reece A Estate Trust Leakey, TX 12
Williams Nell Marital Trust #2 Camp Wood, TX 34