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Perkins Mabel W Properties Mineral Rights

Owner Information

Perkins Mabel W Properties

Address :
PO Box 580
Three Rivers, TX 78071

Total Appraisal Value:

Total Interests on File: 2

Counties with Interests: 1

Heat Map of Interests Held By Perkins Mabel W Properties

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Interests Held By Perkins Mabel W Properties
Property County Operator Interest Type Value
LENZ ADOLPH 'B' Guadalupe County, TX J.A.G. OIL & G 0.013672 O $1,544 View Details
WARD H W Guadalupe County, TX LEVANT ENERGY View Details

Mutual Interest Owners of Properties held by Perkins Mabel W Properties
Owner Name Owner City Mutual Interests Total Interests
Adolph Lenz Seguin, TX 1 3
B E Lewis 1 1
Charles S Lowrey San Antonio, TX 1 1
Clarence Terrell Vorpahl San Antonio, TX 1 8
Donna Morgan Seguin, TX 1 2
Edith Sommer Seguin, TX 1 1
Hilmar Jr & Leona Cowey La Vernia, TX 1 3
J A G Oil & Gas La Vernia, TX 1 12
JD Minerals CORP CHRISTI, TX 1 2507
Jeffrey Ward Seguin, TX 1 1
Levant Energy LLC Milton, MA 1 2
Peter K Margolis San Antonio, TX 1 2
Raymond W Ward Sutherland Springs, TX 1 1
Robert Morgan Seguin, TX 1 1
S B Messer 1 2
Southern Gulf Petr Co San Antonio, TX 1 1
Tammie A Morris Jacksboro, TX 1 1
Thomas Arthur Vorpahl San Antonio, TX 1 8