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Concho County, TX Mineral Owners

Concho County, TX Summary

Mineral Holders Living in Concho County, TX: 165

Mineral Holders With Assets in Concho County, TX: 740

Total Appraised Value of Mineral Holders Living in Concho County, TX: $4,273,178

Total Appraised Value of Assets in Concho County, TX: $23,710,506

Heat Map of Properties in Concho County, TX

Total Appraisal Value of Properties in Concho County, TX
Owners with Interests in Concho County, TX
Owner Name Owner City Interests
3-D Oil & Gas Winters, TX 31
8488 Production LP Midland, TX 4
8848 Production LP Midland, TX 1
Abigail Grace Kelley Lone Tree, CO 5
Abram C Millar Eden, TX 4
Addison Lee Pfluger San Angelo, TX 329
Alfred IV Giles Austin, TX 24
Aminex Corporation Dallas, TX 21
Amy C Weatherby Hendrick Odessa, TX 24
Amy Lin Pfluger Reesman San Antonio, TX 9
Andrew D Bell Midland, TX 30
Andy C Draughn Austin, TX 53
Angela F Brown Fort Worth, TX 13
Angela O Fraga Fort Worth, TX 13
Anthony F Lucido Wichita Falls, TX 50
Antle Operating Inc Graham, TX 38
Armor Petroleum Inc Wichita Falls, TX 44
Armor Ranch LLC Dallas, TX 1
Audrey Pfluger Williams Dallas, TX 43
B T Oil Inc Arlington, TX 1
Baxter Kelly H Estate Austin, TX 223
Beatrice S Brown San Angelo, TX 4
Ben Stribling San Angelo, TX 8
Berry Energy Companies Inc Abilene, TX 5
BFWHR Investments Co Brady, TX 1
Bill Bowerman Arlington, TX 27
Bill Elliott San Angelo, TX 30
Black Dog Energy LLC Oklahoma City, OK 512
Bojon Capital Ventures LLC Timnath, CO 1
Bolin R L Properties LTD Wichita Falls, TX 471
Bowerman Investments Inc Arlington, TX 9
Bowerman Oil & Gas Inc Arlington, TX 64
Brown Wilton J Inc Alpine, TX 1
Buckhead Energy LLC Fort Worth, TX 700
Bugatti Royalty Co Wichita Falls, TX 31
C Keith Thompson Dallas, TX 9
Calvin Donaghey Abilene, TX 5
Canan Mowrey Operating LLC Wichita Falls, TX 46
Candace E McFarland Palestine, TX 76
Cargile Mineral Partners San Angelo, TX 38
Carol B King Fort Worth, TX 65
Carol Dressler Mata San Antonio, TX 5
Carroll B Laing Wichita Falls, TX 272
Cazar Energy Inc Richmond, TX 15
Charlcy T Stansberry Eden, TX 8
Charles M Lang Houston, TX 5
Charles R Hall Bangs, TX 4
Chip A Barker Midland, TX 65
Claire Carter Rhotenberry Midland, TX 29
Commissioner General Land Austin, TX 202