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Deana June Walker Frie Mineral Rights

Owner Information

Deana June Walker Frie

Address :
  Graham, TX 76450

Total Appraisal Value:

Total Interests on File: 4

Counties with Interests: 1

Heat Map of Interests Held By Deana June Walker Frie

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Interests Held By Deana June Walker Frie

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Property County Operator Interest Type Value
BRYSON HEIRS NORTH Young County, TX D L OPERATING 0.000782 RI $420 View Details
GAHAGAN C P -C- Young County, TX ITX CORPORATION View Details
GAHAGAN C P -B Young County, TX ITX CORPORATION View Details
WILKINSON J B Young County, TX FOUR H OIL PROD View Details

Mutual Interest Owners of Properties held by Deana June Walker Frie
Owner Name Owner City Mutual Interests Total Interests
Barker Chester S Life Estate Graham, TX 2 3
Brandon Smith Stephenville, TX 2 4
Bryan Younger Roosevelt, OK 2 7
Charles J Etux Eilers Whitney, TX 4 4
David Wise Bowie, TX 2 48
Dilger Raymond & Mabel Rev TR Fort Worth, TX 2 2
Frances L McBride Wichita Falls, TX 3 3
Gaylene Schlittler Storms Graham, TX 2 6
Gene D Wise Perrin, TX 2 15
Guenzel Gas Partners LP Woodland Park, CO 2 90
Itx Corporation Dallas, TX 2 88
JHW-MRW Master Ltd Partnership Fort Worth, TX 2 100
Kathleen Kramer Graham, TX 2 5
Marylin Denise Smith Grace Montrose, CO 2 3
National Royalty Company Ltd Dallas, TX 4 664
Pamela Dianne Price Henrietta, TX 2 6
Patsy Ann Wright Tyler, TX 4 4
Robert John Leigh Bennett, CO 3 3
Schlittler William Derace Est Roosevelt, OK 2 2
Woodard Gwendolyn Trust Lindale, TX 2 4