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Young County, TX Mineral Owners

Young County, TX Summary

Mineral Holders Living in Young County, TX: 1,990

Mineral Holders With Assets in Young County, TX: 5,778

Total Appraised Value of Mineral Holders Living in Young County, TX: $329,641,970

Total Appraised Value of Assets in Young County, TX: $76,698,460

Heat Map of Properties in Young County, TX
Total Appraisal Value of Properties in Young County, TX
Owners with Interests in Young County, TX
Owner Name Owner City Interests
2 Diamond W-II Ltd Abilene, TX 5
2004-Ok Map Oklahoma City, OK 424
2006-Ok Map Oklahoma City, OK 238
2011 Cochran Family PRTNSHP LP Houston, TX 1
2M Pardners LLC Okemah, OK 3
5 G Resources LLC Wichita Falls, TX 7
5-T Properties Ltd Wichita Falls, TX 50
5M Properties LP Breckenridge, TX 334
77 Oil Properties Inc Austin, TX 41
A D Operating Graham, TX 7
A H H Inc Dallas, TX 35
Abel Patricia Ann Fmly TR Los Gatos, CA 5
Acs-DDS Oil & Gas Ltd Amarillo, TX 1
Ada Exploration Olney, TX 2
Adam S Fuller Lorena, TX 12
Adams Jean Pape Living TR Tulsa, OK 4
Adele Marie Pitzer Reckling Houston, TX 6
Adeline D Slaughter Fort Worth, TX 10
Afandou Inc LLC Wichita Falls, TX 230
Aimee W Martin Amarillo, TX 36
Ajax Investment Company Broken Arrow, OK 80
Akers Family Partnership LP Graham, TX 18
Akiko Vera Kleiner White Spring Branch, TX 53
Akin David Ned Estate Irving, TX 6
Alan & Mary Travis Scottsdale, AZ 41
Alan A Hulsey Dallas, TX 29
Alan Dorsman Pharr, TX 6
Alan Richard Mayes Buna, TX 4
Alana Corp Pharr, TX 9
Albert Knobloch Wichita Falls, TX 4
Albrecht Wallace Lee Rev Trust Franklin, TN 116
Albritton B F LLC Graham, TX 21
Alene Ragland Graham, TX 5
Alexander P Greer Denver, CO 13
Alfred C Newman Albuquerque, NM 10
Alfred G Allen III Graham, TX 29
Alfred Sewell III Jacksboro, TX 13
Alice G GST Fisher Wichita Falls, TX 6
Alice Graham Young Lakeway, TX 23
Alice Jane Hooker Albany, TX 26
Alice Nann Hale Graham, TX 10
Alice P Stewart Rockville, MD 94
Alice Thompson Baldwin Amarillo, TX 4
Alice W Millis Kingston, WA 6
Alicia K Remington Grubbs Gig Harbor, WA 4
All Church Home/Children Foundation Tulsa, OK 333
Allar Company Graham, TX 1594
Allegro Royalty Pool LLC Tulsa, OK 2
Allen B Comer Gainesville, TX 19
Allen Cantwell Plano, TX 5
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