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Ada Capital LTD Mineral Rights

Owner Information

Ada Capital LTD

Address :
Ira, TX 79527

Total Appraisal Value:

Total Interests on File: 1

Counties with Interests: 1

Heat Map of Interests Held By Ada Capital LTD

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Interests Held By Ada Capital LTD
Property County Operator Interest Type Value
MCMILLAN, JAMES -A- Scurry County, TX DCAP OIL & GAS CORP 0.000491 OR $102 View Details

Mutual Interest Owners of Properties held by Ada Capital LTD
Owner Name Owner City Mutual Interests Total Interests
Allison Ranch Company San Angelo, TX 1 6
Barry Marcus Voss Lubbock, TX 1 1
CB Energy LLC Dallas, TX 1 4
Cheryl Leah Ellis Charlotte, NC 1 3
Cockrell Production Co Abilene, TX 1 85
Dcap Oil & Gas Corp Dallas, TX 1 19
Fairfax Oil Company Dallas, TX 1 11
Huie HK Jr Estate Celina, TX 1 4
J J R Inc Dallas, TX 1 9
James Sheridan Cochran Dallas, TX 1 18
Jsa Properties LTD San Angelo, TX 1 124
L & M Production LLC Frisco, TX 1 8
Loren Dale Bennett Tyler, TX 1 3
Mayer E S & Sons LTD San Angelo, TX 1 605
Participant Exploration LLC Dallas, TX 1 8
Patsy Carol Reed Lubbock, TX 1 3
River Capital Partners Black Dallas, TX 1 4
Robert Westerburg Dallas, TX 1 20
Thompson Petroleum Corp Dallas, TX 1 157
Wes-Tex Drilling Co Abilene, TX 1 172